Over the last couple of years there's been lots of controversy surrounding the NHL and concussions. 

With an alarming amount of suicides by former players, a lot of fingers are pointed at the NHL however Gary Bettman and the league refuse to accept any sort of connection.

We might find out exactly what Bettman thinks over the next year or two with a new lawsuit being filed. 

Kelli Ewen has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her late husband Todd Ewen. 

Ewen racked up 1914 penalty minutes during his time in the NHL which was 518 games and ranks 61st all time.

After dealing with concussion issues and depression, Ewen took his own life on September 19th 2015. 

Ewen's lawyer told TSN the details of the lawsuit. 

“[Kelli Ewen] alleges the NHL fostered an environment that encouraged and pressured players like Todd to fight opponents for entertainment and to increase revenue, also increasing the risk that players developed long-term brain damage, all while downplaying the risk of repeated head trauma,” wrote her lawyer Brian Gudmundson as per TSN. “To this day, the NHL carries the dubious distinction of being the last ‘league of denial’ and denies that repeated head trauma poses any risk of permanent brain damage.”

Gary Bettman will be among those called to testify along with a several former NHLers. 

The NHL is trying to have the case dismissed before it would go to court around September of 2020. 

Source: TSN