The Ottawa Senators are making headlines for the wrong reasons yet once again. 

The team and owner Eugene Melnyk had looked like they solved their arena situation last year with a new arena however it looks to be falling apart. 

Melnyk is currently suing the Trinity Development Group for $700million, the group that's supposed to make the arena along with the condos beside it. 

The Sens owner didn't show up to the Board of Governors meetings either, instead sending Senators alternate governor Sheldon Plener. 

Bettman said he was disappointed and that the NHL might have to step into the situation. 

“There are some places where we have been involved in and I think been very constructive. Edmonton, Pittsburgh, among others come to mind,” Bettman said. “There have been other places where we’ve been disinvited by one of the participants. We don’t like to go where we’re not welcome if it’s not going to be helpful.”

Definitely sounds like even if the NHL wants to help, they might not be welcome. 

Source: Yahoo