Two rules have been driving fans, players and coaches crazy over the last couple of years in the NHL being goalie interference and offsides. 

Both rules got even more complicated with the implementation of the coach's challenge. 

While the offside rule was highlighted during last year's playoffs, goalie interference has really been highlighted this year with a ton of controversial calls. 

Of course it all hit a tipping point in the last couple of weeks when Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock went on a public rant saying "no one knows whats going on" and it should be "fixed before the playoffs, so we all know the rules". 

The NHL sent a memo to all NHL teams after the public outburst asking players and coaches to stay away from criticizing the league and it's officials publicly. 

The league realizes though that there's a problem and league deputy commissioner Bill Daly said it will be discussed during the March GM meetings. 

“Obviously, it will be a point of discussion at our general managers’ meetings later this month,” Daly said via email recently. “To the extent there is any current confusion, hopefully everyone will be on the same page coming out of that meeting.”

NHL senior vice president of hockey operations, Colin Campbell, understands the need for change. 

“We too want consistency,” Campbell said, “particularly in the playoffs, with so much on the line.”

Do you think there will be any changes to the rule in the near future?

Source: Toronto Sun
Image Credit: Getty Images