A little trouble here, a little trouble there, no matter what Evander Kane has always stayed focused enough to be productive. 

Until he was traded to San Jose and started playing against the Vegas Golden Knights. 

Kane completely unravels when he plays the Golden Knights and because of an incident during preseason, Kane was suspended and wasn't on the ice for last night's opener between the two teams. 

With so much drama between the two teams, the Golden Knights who were the home team last night, decided to troll Kane. 

This all comes one day after Ryan Reaves trolled Kane through the media “Poor Evander. So tragic. I wish he was on the ice. It’s always more fun when he’s on the ice. He’s weak. He gets taken down by a ref. It happens. Gotta get in the gym, no?”.

Check out the scoreboard troll by the Golden Knights below: