It seemed just a couple of month ago, Ilya Kovalchuk's time in the NHL was coming to an end. 

He was pretty much a bust for the Los Angeles Kings during his return to the NHL. 

However the Kings refused to put Kovalchuk in the top six and he just wasted away playing on the Kings fourth line. 

The Kings and Kovalchuk eventually agreed to mutually terminate his contract and Kovalchuk wound up with a Montreal Canadiens team riddled with injuries a couple of weeks later on a one year/$700k deal. 

Placed in a top six role with Montreal, Kovalchuk has seven points in seven games which includes two game winning goals. 

There's been lots of chatter that if the Canadiens aren't in a playoff spot at the trade deadline, Kovalchuk could be moved.

At what cost?

Anthony Marcotte of 91.9FM Sports in Montreal revealed today what the currently talked about value for Kovalchuk is. 

Marcotte reports that rumblings around the media is that Kovalchuk's current value is a 3rd round pick. 

If Kovalchuk keeps producing at this pace though, the veterans value could jump up.