The Tampa Bay Lightning like a handful of teams will have a hard time this offseason as they'll be up against the salary cap. 

The salary cap isn't going to move and that pushes a lot of teams into a corner. 

Tampa only has $5million in salary cap space for next season and just 15 players signed.

Not exactly a recipe for success. 

That's why Lightning insider Joe Smith of The Athletic believes the team is ready to move soon to be restricted free agent Mikhail Sergachev. 

Sergachev is coming off his entry level contract and is expected to earn a huge pay raise.

Smith reports the Lightning would probably take the two first round picks, second round pick and a third if Sergachev were to sign an offer sheet of $8.45million AAV or higher. 

Do you think Sergachev would be worth that price?

Source: Joe Smith The Athletic