It was one of many head coach firings in the NHL that came during a wave of firings and surprises. 

The Dallas Stars fired head coach Jim Montgomery. 

Dallas stayed very tight lipped about the situation not giving out any details at all. 

It was later revealed that he was fired for some questionable behaviour and it was eventually revealed that Montgomery was dealing with an addiction that was getting in the way of his job despite his winning record.

Montgomery who's been sober for five months now took the time to reflect on everything that happened while speaking to Pierre LeBrun. 

“That’s the day my life changed, on Dec. 10,’’ 

“I think I deserved to be let go and I don’t think I deserved to earn money for my actions,” Montgomery said. “I didn’t do the right things. Those are things I ask of my players all the time. But I didn’t do the right things.’’

Montgomery added that both Stars GM Jim Nill and his wife warned him and showed concern a couple of times before he was fired. 

“Jim Nill is a great man, he had a couple of talks with me about his concern,’’ Montgomery said. “He thought maybe I had a problem. I don’t know if it was ego on my part or the success I was having, but even though I realized that there were many days or mornings where I was hungover and I’m like, ‘I’m never going to do that again.’ I didn’t believe I had a problem.’’

“It wasn’t only Jim Nill that gave me warnings, but my wife had expressed concerns,’’ Montgomery said. “Close friends had done it. Even though you know you’re not doing the right things, not going to bed at the right time — stop drinking before you lose control of your faculties, you have to be ready to admit you have a problem and to do the work to overcome it in recovery.’’

He's now grateful he hit rock bottom because it saved him. 

“My rock bottom helps me. And that’s why I’m grateful to the Stars. Because I have my health, I have my family and I haven’t lost any close friends,’’ he said.

He's ready for a second opportunity. 

“Unfortunately, there were nights where I spent that time doing the wrong things,’’ he said of life on the road. “That’s going to be the time to do the right things now. That’s going to just make me a better coach let alone a much better person.’’

“I’m hopeful for an opportunity. I don’t control that. Right now I’m just focused on myself and my family,’’ he said.

Source: The Athletic