Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba has been all over the hockey news the last year or so. 

Mostly because there's been plenty of trade rumours surrounding the defenseman but also because he decided to take a stand and raise his fist during the national anthems in the NHL bubble playoffs. 

That decision made him run into an absolutely disgusting and disturbing situation over the offseason. 

While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Dumba revealed that he tried to get his car shipped to Arizona but the company he talked to wouldn't do it. 

"The guys started saying some racist shit to me on the phone and saying that I should keep kneeling for my anthem and didn't ship my car down."

Absolutely gross. 

Luckily there's still some good people in the world as the valets of his apartment building heard the story and took action. Two of them drove the car down for him without hesitation. 

"There's going to be those haters. I've got too many good people around me that support everything I'm doing. It don't faze me."