The NHL season and training camps are just around the corner but some big name restricted free agents remain unsigned. 

It's likely we see some holdouts during training camp because of it. 

One of those holdouts seems like it could be Brady Tkachuk of the Ottawa Senators. 

We've heard various reports regarding the situation some saying the two sides are close while others saying they're far apart. 

According to his brother Matthew, it doesn't sound like the two sides are close at all. 

"He might be pulling a classic Tkachuk right now," admitted Matthew as per Sportsnet. "Dad held out, Matthew held out, and Brady looks like he's on his way right now. So hopefully it can get figured out here. But it's just a lot of fake stuff out there regarding this. They're not too close. So hopefully it gets figured out, but who knows? My dad and I are definitely involved. Brady needs us to help him out with that stuff. He wasn't as cutthroat as we were during it, but he's starting to become more of a Tkachuk the later this goes."

"He's a great player, deserves to get everything he should," Matthew said. "He's the most important part of their team. The captain. Obviously all the stuff all of us know about him and he loves it there. Absolutely loves it there. So we'll see what happens."

Do you think Brady will start the season?