Over the last couple of years we've seen the NHL add the cities of Vegas and Seattle to the NHL family. 

While Vegas and Seattle are new, fans have wanted to see one city return to the NHL family. 

Quebec City. 

The Nordiques were ripped out of Quebec in a fashion similar to that of the Montreal Expos and pretty much forgotten about ever since. 

We've since seen some attempts to attract the NHL back to Quebec City like the building of the Videotron Centre which has a capacity of 18,259 and was primarily based for hockey use and currently occupied by the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL. It's the seventh largest indoor arena in Canada and the largest that doesn't host an NHL team. 

Could we finally see a return?

Bill Daly, the deputy commissioner of the NHL, held a conversation with Quebec Premier Francois Legault recently regarding the Nordiques. 

Daly admitted that they did discuss a possible return however at the moment the NHL is happy with what they have now. 

Would you like to see the return of the Quebec City Nordiques?