The NBA made a significant announcement on Thursday in regards to their 2020-21 season. 

There's currently tentative agreement to start a 72-game season on December 22. 

Unlike the NHL, the NBA has yet to open up free agency or hold their draft and their proposal is looking at a November 18 draft with training camps starting on Dec. 1. 

The NHL has already held their draft and opened up free agency, the next step is to figure out training camps and a season start date. 

Following the NBA's news, NHL deputy commissioner Gary Bettman reached out to NHL insider Pierre LeBrun to give an update. 

LeBrun took to Twitter to report the news.

"In lieu of the NBA news, the latest on NHL: Bill Daly says Jan. 1 puck drop ``remains our objective.'' But the joint NHL-NHLPA RTP committee has yet to meet (nothing yet scheduled). Though a source says top leaders of NHLPA/NHL have been in daily contact over the 2020-21 season."

It'll be interesting to see what happens because both leagues share lots of arenas and will need to limit contact. It's more than likely that both leagues will stay away from considering another bubble. 

Do you think the NHL can realistically start on January 1?


Source: Pierre LeBrun