It seems that we cannot go more than a day or two without a controversial play that either leads to a goal being taken off the scoreboard or one being allowed to say when it probably should not.  The frustration across the league with the inconsistency of calls, especially goaltender interference, is growing with each passing day and plenty of players and coaches have sounded off about it.

During Saturday night’s Headlines segment on Hockey Night in Canada, Chris Johnson of Sportnet reported that the league is getting tired of the complaints. 

“We’ve been talking for a while about how this issue will be discussed but I think there’s going to be another pushback and that comes from Colin Campbell, who runs the NHL’s hockey operations department, who’s going to give the message across that it’s not OK to have the type of criticism we saw from Mike Babcock,” Johnson said.

“There’s a feeling at the league office that this is not something that’s productive to the process whatsoever, the amount of complaining that’s gone on about it. … So there will be a continued discussion about where this is going, what’s happening, and the league has tried to be as transparent as it can with these rulings but certainly the message will be, ‘Don’t air your public laundry here to the press.’”

You can view the entire discussion below.

Source: Sportsnet
Image Credit: Getty Images