NFL cornerback Jalen Ramsey is always one who loves to stir a little controversy.

That controversy is usually reserved for the NFL, until recently. 

Ramsey recently claimed that after six months of training, he would be able to crack an NHL roster, and as you might have guessed, NHLers weren't too happy with the comments. 

"I think it's insulting to our league," Buffalo Sabres star Jack Eichel told Emily Kaplan of ESPN. "For us as players, we've dedicated our lives to be playing in the NHL. To think after six months you could come play arguably one of the hardest sports in the world? I mean, I think it's ridiculous he would say that. It's ignorant."

NHL sniper Vladimir Tarasenko didn't appreciate the comments either. 

"I can bet any money in the world there's no chance he can play in the NHL in six months. It's impossible. Him saying that ... it de-classes our sport," he said.

New York Rangers forward Chris Kreider brought up a perfect analogy to show how ridiculous the comments are. 

"It's funny to me," Kreider said. "I think he's an unbelievable athlete, but skating is a skill set unto itself - just like running is, just like swimming is. Think of someone who has never swam before. If you've never been in the water before, no matter how good of an athlete you are, chances are, you're not going to be an Olympic-caliber swimmer in six months."

Stanley Cup champ Evgeny Kuznetsov was a bit more open to the idea. 

"I would like to see that, for sure," he said. "He can come; we can help him. It's cool if an athlete wants to try something new."

Source: The Score
Image Credit: USA Today