It's very rare that you'll ever hear an on ice official get cheered, but those boos rain down on a nightly basis. 

Recently NHL superstar Connor McDavid called out the refs again

“You obviously want to call the rulebook,” he said Tuesday. “That’s what it’s there for. If you call each and every one, there’s lots of penalties. But if there’s lots of penalties, there’s lots of penalties — that’s just the way it is.

“The rulebook’s there for a reason, and you want to call it with integrity. If you let guys get away with certain things, they’re going to keep getting away with it. It’s a tough job (the referees have), and it’s something that I don’t envy.”

Well it seems that the league and referees have heard those comments as Daniel Nugent-Bowman has obtained parts of the NHL's plan for the upcoming season. 

Referees will be looking to call more penalties focusing on cross checking. 

From Nugent-Bowman:

"The expectation is cross-checking will be called to a stricter standard this season, like the way slashing to the hands was called a few years ago.

Cross-checks in front of the net by an offensive or defensive player, especially when a point shot is coming, are considered a point of emphasis. Someone knocked down could get hit in the head by a puck.

Forceful stick shoves in corner puck battles, especially done multiple times, are expected to be called more regularly. Also on the list are cross-checks after the whistle and aggressive ones above the pants."

What do you think of the referees plan for this season, do you think it'll make the game better and safer?

Source: The Athletic