The biggest storyline through training camp so far have been the trade demands by two of the games youngest stars. 

Patrik Laine wants out of Winnipeg and Pierre-Luc Dubois wants out of Columbus. 

Both teams are willing to move the players but not at bargain prices.

Laine recently spoke to the media and said he can't control what the media or his agent says and one NHL reporter didn't like how Laine tried to wash his hands of the situation even though it's clear that Laine is behind the request. 

Mike Johnson of TSN's "That's Hockey" pointed it out. 

“Well first off, when he says ‘I’m not responsible for what people say.’ If your agent says it, then yes, you are responsible because they represent you, they speak for you. So if it’s coming from agent then it’s like it’s coming from you. You can’t just wash your hands and say ‘I don’t know, that guys speaking on his own.’ That’s not how this works.

But, where do we go? I think think for Patrik Laine, he’s just going to focus on his game because he has a lot to play for. Whether he wants to get out of there or he wants a big contract, either way his situation will be benefited from him playing fantastically well. And I think he’s looking to take strides in the 200 foot game he played last year, creating for his linemates, but also scoring the 40 plus goals pace that we’re use to seeing him at.

His contract is up after this season, Gino. He wants his $8, $9, $10 million a year. If he gets a 40 goal pace and more than a point a game, that’s what he will be in for. So whether he sticks around Winnipeg or not, whether he likes the Jets or not, he will be motivated at least somewhat selfishly to take care of his own situation by playing really well, and that will help the Jets for as long as he’s there.”

What do you think of Johnson's comments?

Source: TSN