The 24 team playoff bracket is currently being voted on by the NHLPA and it seems it should get approval. 

This comes after the NHLPA and some NHL teams axed part of the original plan.


Carey Price and Patrick Kane. 

The league originally proposed the first round to be a best of three series to help speed things up a bit but there was immediate protest from around the league. 

"The league initially suggested this play-in round be best two out of three and the players said no way," Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman said Friday on Sportsnet 590's "Lead Off." "They felt it was not acceptable enough for the teams that had a better regular season and Pittsburgh looked at its matchup and it said 'two out of three against Carey Price is not fair for a team that had zero percentage points to play in the playoffs.'"

"If the players feel that way, the players feel that way. They're the guy that they gotta shoot against and they clearly believe that he is a difference-maker ... The players fought the two-out-of-three because of him."

"I did hear that the Western teams - and now it's going to be Edmonton - they were like, 'two out of three with Patrick Kane? I mean come on.' But it wasn't at the same level as Price."

Do you think Kane and Price would have been able to singlehandedly win a best of three series?

Source: Elliotte Friedman