It's been a couple of weeks of interesting trade demands and hold outs so far in the NHL. 

However one young sniper has been looking to get moved after making a trade request in October. 

Winnipeg Jets forward Patrik Laine requested a change of scenery however the Jets have yet to grant his wish and he showed up for the first day of camp yesterday. 

After practice Laine met with media and they obviously asked him about the trade request right away. 

Laine's answers weren't exactly the thrilled kind and it's clear he wants out. 

Check out the exchange as reported by Jets' insider Mike McIntyre. 

"I just asked Patrik Laine if he still wants the Jets to trade him: "I'm here, aren't I?"

Then adds "Even Wayne Gretzky got traded. People get traded all the time."

"What happens in the future, that's not even my call. I'm here, I'm going to work hard, that's all I can do."

Source: Mike McIntyre