On Tuesday some comments made by Patrik Laine to a Finish sports site made the rounds on social media. 

Laine basically stated that on any other team he would find himself in the top six, however mismanagement by the Jets coaching staff has had him playing on the third line. 

After practice on Tuesday it was obviously a subject that reporters wanted to ask the Jets locker room and their head coach about. 

Maurice doesn't believe those comments will shake up the room. 

“Players get a little bit of turbulence outside the jet but inside the jet it’s good.”

Captain Blake Wheeler said there's no hard feelings but doesn't buy Laine's comments about getting to play with "better players" if he was on a different team. 

"We’re top 5 in the league (on PP) the last couple years. A big part of what Patty does. He’s definitely not doing it himself I can guarantee you that.”

Is it starting to sound like Laine will get the Evander Kane treatment in Winnipeg?

Source: Sean Reynolds Sportsnet Twitter