The sale of the Carolina Hurricanes to Texas billionaire Tom Dudon was finalized on Thursday.  The National Hockey League confirmed that its Board of Governors has approved the deal that was originally signed about two months ago.

Peter Karmanos Jr, how has owned the franchise since 1994 when they were the Hartford Whalers, will remain as a minority owner.  Initial reports said that Dudon was buying a 61% stake in the team for roughly $500 million.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will be in Raleigh, NC for the official announcement and press conference.

Dundon, 45, is the primary investor in Top Golf, the very popular franchise of recreational golf driving ranges that are found nationwide. He made his fortune as CEO of Santander Consumer USA, a company which provides auto loans to buyers with poor credit.

Both Karmanso and Dudon have both gone on the record saying that there are no plans to relocate the Hurricanes, but any team that has problems at the box office will always be the subject of rumors. 

Source: Carolina Hurrcanes
Image Credit: Getty Images