As we all know by now, cancelling the 2019-20 season simply isn't an option for Gary Bettman and the NHL. 

Some players are looking forward to getting back on the ice, while others have been very vocal about cancelling the season and focusing on the 2020-21 season. 

Up until now, the majority of players against return to play were players from teams not likely to make the playoffs, however that has started to change. 

Recently Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Mitch Marner voiced some very serious concerns and now Washington Capitals' defenseman Radko Gudas has done the same. 

Gudas spoke to the media in at home in the Czech Republic and finds return to play ridiculous. 

“I think we shouldn’t play when the whole world is canceling seasons,” Gudas said. “Hockey would be the only team sport trying to power through it like this. They won’t let us go to the Olympics so we won’t get injured, but they want to keep the NHL season running in these times. If we kept playing, our sport would be swimming against the current a bit.

“Money is money, it’s what currently makes the world go round,” Gudas added. “It’s a bit sad that they are willing to risk the health of so many players for money.”

Secluded in a hotel? Gudas says it's a recipe for disaster. 

“I don’t think players would manage to stay holed up in a hotel room the whole summer,” Gudas said. “That’s a step into one’s personal freedom. You can focus on yourself and your family in the summer. Even though everyone spent the last two, three months home, I still think staying in some hotel room all summer is just the right way to end up with depression.”

Needless to say, Gudas has almost zero interest in a plan for return to play even if the Capitals are ready to make a serious Stanley Cup run. 

What do you think of Gudas comments?

Source: Russian Machine Never Breaks.