The NHL continues to try and push their return to play plan into action despite cases rising across the United States. 

While a couple of players have come out and said that they know the NHL will put the best plan in place to keep them safe, there's been a lot of anonymous players saying they're not happy being forced to play at all. 

According to a recent report, a lot is more like 75% of the league. 

Eric Engels spoke to some players off the record and they all pretty much felt the same way. 

"One player said a majority of the players do not want to return to play this summer. Estimated 75%. Though they’re concerned with financial pitfalls of that decision, they’re more concerned about risking contracting the virus/serious injury before cramming in the 2021 season.

Another player said that calls with the NHLPA have been “a joke” and that they have only revolved around the financial situation."

While another player said guys will vote yes because of the playoff bonus being higher than ever before. 

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Source: Eric Engels