The Montreal Canadiens are rolling along at training camp and looking pretty good. 

So good that they've been considered a real threat to knock of some teams during the playoffs.

But does Canadiens' management want out of the playoffs so they can try and grab top draft prospect and Quebec born forward Alexis Lafreniere. 

According to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman that's the word on the street. 

Check out some of what Friedman had to say on the latest "31 Thoughts" podcast courtesy of NHL_Watcher Twitter account. 

"Friedman talking about the Canadiens, people told him you got to find out what happened with the call with the NHLPA, he heard it was really something, Friedman heard the Canadiens really battled with them.

Friedman says the Canadiens were out, they traded Kovalchuk, they waved the white flag on the season, and all the sudden they were back in. Friedman suggests "I don't know how much their hearts were into it, put it that way."

EF adds then it came out there were some positive COVID-19 tests with them & people told EF to be careful w/ that one. So you have a team that doesn't really want to be there and now they have a testing issue, they are the first team that we know of to have a false positive issue

Add to it, the potential of the Habs getting the 1st overall pick to take a star local kid if they lose to Pittsburgh.

Friedman says there is a lot going on with that team right now."

What do you think of Friedman's comments?

Source: Elliotte Friedman