It's extremely rare that we see a team let their captain hit the free agent market, however we might see just that this offseason. 

St. Louis Blues' defenseman Alex Pietrangelo is due for a big fat contract and it doesn't seem the Blues are willing to give it to him. 

So far Pietrangelo has only received under market value offers and he's not happy about it. 

Blues insider Andy Strickland of The Athletic reports that the only thing keeping Pietrangelo open to offers is that his wife is from St. Louis. 

"The belief is that Pietrangelo is not happy with any of the offers he has received and he’s very disappointed in the way things have been handled. Last month, I reported that Pietrangelo was asking for less than what Nashville paid Roman Josi ($9 million AAV), but the Blues hadn’t gone more than $8 million. The feeling is that the captain would settle somewhere in the middle.

I’d expect the negotiations to continue, but multiple sources say that if Pietrangelo’s wife wasn’t from St. Louis, where the couple has started a family, he might have already told the Blues that he’s moving on."

Whether with the Blues or not, one thing for sure is that Pietrangelo will get paid this offseason. 

Source: Andy Strickland The Atheltic