Some bombshell news over the weekend. 

San Jose Sharks' forward Evander Kane is facing a possible lifetime ban from the NHL. 

Over the weekend his soon to be ex-wife posted some accusations which involved Kane not only gambling but gambling on NHL games as well. She added that he would intentionally try and lose games so he would cash in on the wagers. 

These are heavy accusations and if proven guilty he would likely be banned from the NHL permanently. 

However it's hard to believe considering Kane has been one of the most consistent players in the NHL over the last couple of years. 

Following his wife Anna's comments, the NHL announced it would fully investigate the situation. 

After the NHL made it's announcement, Kane made some comments of his own. 

"I have NEVER gambled/bet on Hockey, NEVER gambled/bet on a Sharks game, NEVER gambled/bet on any of my games and NEVER thrown a hockey game," Kane wrote, in part. "The facts are I personally had my best season of my career last year and was the most consistent I've been throughout any season, I'm proud of that. I love the game of Hockey and would never do any of what was alleged." 

This is a very interesting story.