The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers made a swap during last offseason that many would call a swap of unwanteds. 

Calgary and Edmonton swapped James Neal for Milan Lucic. 

Lucic just wasn't fitting in with the Oilers while Neal couldn't find a fit in the Flames lineup either. 

While Lucic was still well liked by teammates, it doesn't seem to be the case with Neal. 

While speaking with Ryan Leslie, Flames defenseman Rasmus Andersson said nobody misses Neal. 

Leslie pointed out to Andersson how players usually go over after a game and stick tap a former teammate after they play against each other for the first time but nobody did it for Neal not showing any love. 

Andersson simply confirmed with "No. No we were not."

Andersson wouldn't go into further detail but it's clear that Neal had become toxic in the Flames locker room and was pushed out.