The 2021-22 NHL season is underway and Jack Eichel is still a member of the Buffalo Sabres. 

Not only is he a member of the Sabres, but he's also still sidelined and not able to get healthy as the Sabres won't let him take his preferred method of treatment when it comes to his disc issues. 

With the Sabres not willing to budge on their stance, Eichel has decided to take his fight to the next level. 

According to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, Eichel is prepared to file a grievance against the Sabres. 

“I think that sometime in the next week, two weeks max, the sense I’m getting is if there’s not a trade or an agreement between the Sabres and the Eichels on his medical path, I think you’re going to see Eichel file a grievance to see if he can move things along.”

The Sabres have held players hostage before when it comes to medical procedures however it doesn't look like Eichel is willing to back down. 

Going to be an interesting story to follow over the coming weeks. 

Source: Elliotte Friedman