We've heard over the last year that the relationship between the Buffalo Sabres and captain Jack Eichel is on the rocks. 

We heard that during the offseason it was at a real tense point however cooler heads prevailed and Eichel decided to give the Sabres organization another chance. 

That second chance might have expired though. 

The Sabres are once again a losing team and sit in last place of the MassMutual East Division 12 points behind the first place Boston Bruins. 

With his no movement clause not kicking in until the 2021-22 season, it seems we can expect the trade. 

Moving him before that clause kicks in gives the Sabres the upper hand to trade him to whatever team has the best offer. 

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman confirms that there's plenty of interest for the 24 year old and teams did make inquiries during the offseason when the original reports about his unhappiness surfaced. 

It's been six years of losing for Eichel in Buffalo and it's looking more and more likely the relationship is over.