Report: Laine Was Bullied By Jets' Teammates.

It was no secret that Patrik Laine wanted out of Winnipeg and plenty of people speculated why. 

At the top of the list was his deteriorating relationship with head coach Paul Maurice as Laine was consistently stuck on the third line despite his goal scoring potential. 

However it seems that problems within the locker room were much worse. 

Jets' insider Mike McIntyre dug up some of the behind the scenes details.

"Source A made it clear to me that the problem was entirely on Winnipeg’s power brokers — from ownership to general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff to coach Paul Maurice to Wheeler, who runs the dressing room along with alternate captain Scheifele and have repeatedly butted heads with the more laid-back Laine. In his mind, they’ve cultivated a toxic environment that had Laine looking for the quickest exit.

“The issues in Winnipeg right now have to deal more with issues in the dressing room between competing personalities. And when there is a divided room, that gets around the league. And players generally, if they have other options, are going to exercise them until that whole situation gets cleaned up,” he said.

“I’m surprised it’s been allowed to go on this long without people in charge getting in there and cleaning it up. It’s going to have a great impact around the league with people choosing whether to play in Winnipeg or not.”

Now contrast that with what Source B told me, suggesting in no uncertain terms that Laine, and Laine only, was the problem. That a perceived lackadaisical approach towards his career quickly wore thin.

“All of the issues in the room could be solved by trading one guy (Laine),” he said."

This comes a couple of days after a report out of Finland that Laine was mistreated and bullied by Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler, especially Wheeler who felt Laine could become the most popular player on the team as fans thirsted for another Teemu Selanne. 

After the trade happened Blake Wheeler publicly acknowledged that he should have handled his relationship with Laine better. 

This isn't the first time there's been drama in WInnipeg, as we all remember the locker room pushing Evander Kane out of town. 


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