Over the last season, Edmonton Oilers superstar forward Connor McDavid expressed his extreme frustration with the organization and the path it was on. 

Lots of speculation followed that if the Oilers didn't turn things around from management to roster players, McDavid wouldn't last another year before demanding a trade. 

The first big step was hiring a new general manager and the Oilers eventually named Ken Holland to the position. 

One of Holland's first big decisions is to find a new coach, multiple reports have leaked that Holland has chosen former Arizona Coyotes head coach Dave Tippet. 

However that might be a decision that will rub McDavid the wrong way. 

TSN's Craig Button reported that McDavid will want absolutely nothing to do with Tippett's coaching style. Button broke down that Tippett coaches a very boring and static game, one that will require McDavid not to be very active and standing in a certain place. He believes this will be a bad hire for the Oilers and could be disastrous. 

If Tippett is hired and McDavid doesn't appreciate his style, we might see one of the biggest blockbuster trades in NHL history next summer.