Lots of things happened in the hockey world yesterday, but the hot topic continues to be the Brad Marchand and Artemi Panarin incident. 

Marchand said something to Panarin between the benches which resulted in Panarin taking his glove off and throwing it at Marchand. 

After the game Marchand said he was only trying to talk to Panarin about Thanksgiving Diner. 

On Saturday morning the NHL Department of Player Safety announced that Panarin had been fined $5k for his actions. 

Rangers' forward Ryan Strome hinted at Marchand saying something super offensive to Panarin. 

Rangers' insider Arthur Staple reports that seems to be case. 

According to a source, Marchand made some Russian-centric comments toward Panarin — along the lines of “no one likes you there” while bringing up Russian President Vladimir Putin, of whom Panarin has been critical in the past. Panarin clearly had enough. Those don’t seem like fine-worthy comments, but they might not sit well with the league.

Panarin took a three-week leave of absence from the Rangers last season after a smear story emerged from Russia via former NHL enforcer Andrei Nazarov, who claimed Panarin had beaten up a woman in a Riga hotel during the 2010-11 KHL season. The story was quickly and vehemently denied by Panarin, and no corroboration came up; Panarin took his time away from the Rangers and returned without much else being discussed.

It'll be interesting to see where things go from here.