There's been plenty of speculation regarding Drew Doughty over the 2017-18 season. 

Doughty is eligible for a contract extension on July 1st, but plenty of media members are speculating that Doughty might be willing to test the free agent market. 

He's expected to make more on his next contract and wants to make more than the $9million a season P.K. Subban does. 

Kings general manager Rob Blake explained that he's already started the process to try and keep Doughty around. 

"This won’t surprise anyone, but I sat down with him 1-on-1 after the season and outlined our plan for the next four to five years. We want him here, and he knows how much.”

The Kings fired head coach Darryl Sutter last year which could have been the first olive branch as there was plenty of rumours of problems between Doughty and Sutter. 

Do you think Doughty will sign a long term extension with the Kings?

Source: Sportsnet