Social media has always been a double edged sword for athletes. 

It can be use for plenty of charitable purposes and spread a great message to the youth. 

However sometimes it can also get athletes in trouble or have people wondering about their mental health. 

Vegas Golden Knights goalie Robin Lehner who's always very outspoken on social media posted some Tweets recently that has people wondering if he's OK. 

Check them out. 

Everyone are coming for me. That’s fine im willing to die for what I believe in. Vinnie P if im cancelled so be it. I heard people coming for me and I welcome them.

Last thing I’m thankful for is that corporations and teams coming for me. Please do it. I don’t need documents I’m happy to get cancelled as my mouthguard will be released for real.Please come at me. I really don’t care. I’m just focused to win and make sure people don’t get hurt.

The second Tweet has now been deleted. 

Lehner has famously spoken out about many things and most recently the treatment of injured players by the Buffalo Sabres. 

What do you think Lehner is talking about?