It was a moment that even caught President Trump's attention and got a famous Trump tweet. 

Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves was joined by teammate Robin Lehner and Dallas Stars' forwards Tyler Seguin and Jason Dickinson in taking a knee during the Star Spangled Banner. 

Trump tweeted "People are not happy that players are not standing for our National Anthem!".

It seems he was extremely right as Lehner revealed since that night he's been constantly receiving threats. 

“It’s sad to see how things are right now and that there are quite threatening reactions on social media. But this is something I believe in, it is my reality and something I have gone through with my loved ones.

“Now the media is dragging politics into this, for me it’s just about everyone having the same right. I love this country, but it’s so wrong when people have to drag the military in this and that I’m against it. I spent three months with the military when I underwent rehabilitation a few years ago and I know how often they are left out (omitted?) and saw how they are treated when they return from serving in wars abroad. I was in contact with several of them before I did this knee bend before the match and they had no problems with the action.”

What do you think of Lehner's comments?

Source: The Expressen