Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson was in the news once again this week. 

However instead of being in the news for taking a head shot at a defenseless player, it was Wilson who was knocked down this time. 

Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves was the player who took Wilson out and was given any suspension. 

The hit made headlines across the hockey world and everybody felt Wilson got a taste of his own medicine. 

It seems Reaves took it a bit too far though, the forward got caught up in some memorabilia controversy. Reaves signed a bunch of printed pictures of Reaves standing over Wilson as he was on the ground with the inscription "He ran into a lion in the jungle".

After receiving complains, Reaves had all the photos destroyed and the Golden Knights had a spokesperson confirm it. 

"The photos were not distributed and they have been destroyed," Golden Knights spokesman Eric Tosi.

Check it out below, was this in bad taste?

Source: ZurkDL Twitter
Image Credit: ZurkDL Twitter