New Jersey Devils' defenseman PK Subban hasn't been making any friends lately. 

Subban has come under fire for a handful of slew foots this season and players around the league aren't very happy about it. 

The latest slew foot found New York Rangers' forward Sammy Blais with a torn ACL and now out for the season. 

Blais' teammate, Ryan Reaves, was also a victim of Subban earlier this season and was injured because of the slew foot. 

While speaking to the media recently, Reaves was asked about Subban's new addiction to slew footing and Reaves is ready to send a message. 

“It’s a close game, Subban’s not going to fight me,” Reaves said, per the New York Post. “What’s going to happen, I’m going to go cross-check him, take a penalty, and they’re on the power play?

“I think I’d rather try and catch him with his head down with a hit or something like that. I know who’s going to fight me and who I’m going to have a chance to go after and he definitely isn’t one of them.”

What do you think of Reaves' comments?