One of the best feuds in the NHL right now is the San Jose Sharks and the Vegas Golden Knights.

Unfortunately we won't get to see them play each other in a heated playoff battle as the Sharks are coming off a garbage season. 

One of the best parts of the feud is the rivalry between Golden Knights' forward Ryan Reaves and Sharks' forward Evander Kane. 

Both aren't shy to drop the gloves or call the other one out through the media and the feud continued through a surprising fashion in the NHL bubble. 

Back in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Kane and Reaves fought with Kane calling out Reaves for throwing soft punches. 

“For the so-called toughest guy in the league, I don’t think he landed a punch,” Kane said between Games 3 and 4. “At times, I thought I was fighting the Muffin Man. Didn’t expect that, I expected a lot more of a battle. I was able to handle him. I think he lost a bit of his allure in terms of toughness.”

Well Reaves hasn't forgotten those comments as he showed up to the bubble with a face mask that was filled with pictures of muffins. 

Check it out below, great troll move by Reaves: