Anytime Ottawa Senators' owner Eugene Melnyk is in the news, it's usually bad news. 

That's exactly why he's stealing headlines once again. 

Melnyk created The Organ Project, a private not for profit foundation in 2016 to hep end the organ transplant waiting list. 

"Changing the current environment so that, in the near future, nobody in Canada will die while waiting for an organ transplant."

However recent documents released by the Canada Revenue Agency reveal some fishy activity. 

After raising $991k in 2018, only $5000 of that was actually donated to organ donation. 

According to reports, the charity spent $779k out of the $991k on fundraising costs and another $238k on management and administration.

The charity has since shutdown as well as the Senators Foundation which decided to sever ties with the team this week. 


Source: Ottawa Sun