It was an announcement that many fans hoped would have came in a Montreal Canadiens' uniform instead. 

Andrei Markov announced his retirement from the world of professional hockey. 

It didn't come in a Canadiens' uniform or in any uniform as a matter of fact as he wasn't given a contract extension by Lokomotiv in the KHL.

Markov gave the Canadiens some incredible years and plays throughout the years and his work not only helped teammates on the ice, but off the ice as well. 

It seems almost any defenseman that Markov paired with would go on to get a very nice payday. 

Mike Komisarek is the biggest that comes to mind but you've also got Alexei Emelin, Marc Andre Bergeronm PK Subban and even Sheldon Souray. 

Souray has no problems admitting that he got paid thanks to Markov. 

When Eric Engels Tweeted his reflection on all the defenseman that got nice contracts because of Markov, he was highlighting Emelin. 

However Souray wasn't shy to say he was part of the group as well.