The Pittsburgh Penguins have their new management group in place and it's not the only change that's expected to happen. 

With Brian Burke jumping on as team president and Ron Hextall getting hired as general manager, it's more than likely we can see some potent moves coming up. 

The big question that's being asked is "what does the future for Sidney Crosby look like"?

According to one NHL insider, that future likely won't be in a Penguins' uniform. 

NHL insider Darren Dreger believes that Crosby will be looking at a trade, not only so he can compete for a Stanley Cup again but also to help the Penguins out and get them the pieces they need to build a future for the club. 

Dreger adds that the Colorado Avalanche are the team with the highest possibility at landing Crosby. 

They have plenty of pieces to send Colorado's way and it would give Crosby the opportunity to reunite with hometown buddy Nathan MacKinnon and give the duo a chance to win the Stanley Cup over the next couple of years. 

Can you imagine the Avs' with a one two punch of MacKinnon and Crosby down the middle?

Source: Darren Dreger