As the NHL moves closer to starting up training camps, it's getting a few surprises. 

Some positive tests have popped up during the opening of Phase 2 which even forced the Tampa Bay Lightning to close it's facilities. 

A group of anonymous NHL players revealed to The Athletic recently that they don't feel comfortable at all playing under the current conditions. 

However Toronto Maple Leafs' captain John Tavares rebut-led those concerns by saying the NHLPA will do what's best for the players. 

Leafs' veteran Jason Spezza feels the same way. 

"It's probably good there have been some positive tests because it's given us some practice on how to deal with it."

"We as players understand there's going to be some risk of a positive test. For the most part, I put trust in the league and the PA that we're going to come up with a bubble scenario that will keep everybody safe."

Being away from the family won't be easy either when he enters his hub city. 

"It's a big family sacrifice and they're on board with it ... it's not going to be easy. There's going to be some tears."

"They understand that daddy has a dream of winning a Stanley Cup and he doesn't have a lot of years left."