The Vegas Golden Knights almost made another amazing playoff run this year. 

After making it to the Stanley Cup Finals last year, the team fizzled out of the first round as they lost to the San Jose Sharks in seven games. 

The brand new franchise has still managed to put together two pretty impressive seasons with 109 points in 2017-18 and 93 points this past year.

However things are crashing back down to reality this summer for Vegas as the team is already $2million over next year's salary cap. 

The team will have a bit of a bailout thanks to the salary cap going up a couple of million but still need to sign a fan favourite. 

Vegas only has 16 players under contract for next season with a projected cap hit of $82million and the need to sign restricted free agent William Karlsson. 

To top it off, George McPhee who created the contract mess will be stepping away from the GM position for a promotion to President while new GM Kelly McCrimmon will have to take of it all.