Every sport has their own unique and quirky fans, hockey of course is no exception. 

A couple from Winnipeg caught the NHL's attention at a recent game and the league featured them on their Twitter account. 

David Twerdochlib and his wife Tara were noticed the Hockey Fights Cancer Jets game for their chain mail jerseys. 

Their unique homemade jerseys are made with thousands of aluminum or rubber rings joined together forming the chain mail, one jersey can weigh around 15 pounds. 

"It's very time intensive. Each jersey's about 200 hours, so I have to plan out kind of which ring goes where; I have to open and close all the rings. It's very labour intensive," said Twerdochlib.

The jersey's turn plenty of heads at hockey games, that is of course until somebody finds out how much they cost. 

"When I tell them that it's about $5,000, they kind of go, 'Oh, well, that's nice,' and then they kind of just walk away," Twerdochlib said. "They get that it's worth it, but it's kind of out of the budget for most people,"

Twerdochlib made a hockey fights cancer jersey for his mom who passed away from cancer, it's hands down his favourite jersey to date. 

You can check out a quick feature on the jersey's below:

Source: CBC
Image Credit: Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC