The Buffalo Sabres are likely to make some changes this summer after another bust of a season. 

One player who clearly stated his disappointment after this season was forward Ryan O'Reilly. 

Now even though he said he'll be preparing to return to Buffalo, there's a huge chance he'll be changing addresses this summer. 

So what exactly would it take to land O'Reilly?

John Vogl of the Buffalo News answered that question in a recent mailbag segment. 

Vogl believes it would be similar to the package that it took to land the forward in Buffalo, which was Jamie McGinn, three prospects and the 31st pick in the draft. 

The journalist adds that O'Reilly has great value on the trade market but he could get one more chance with the Sabres next season. 

Do you think O'Reilly gets traded this summer?

Source: Buffalo News