Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals takes place Thursday night in Vegas, with a chance for the Washington Capitals to clinch the series. 

However if the Capitals aren't able to put the series away on Thursday night, Game 6 is looking like the most expensive game in Stanley Cup history. 

According to TicketIQ, the price for Game 6 is currently set as the most expensive in NHL history at $1950, 25% more expensive compared to the previous record holder, Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup finals in Vancouver. 

Currently tickets for Game 5 are selling for around $750, which is actually a drop in price compared to where they were when they originally went on sale. 

TicketIQ also points out that the Game 6 tickets have had an incredible 77% jump in price compared to when they originally went on sale June 1st. 

Would you be willing to spend that much to watch your team win the Stanley Cup on home ice?

Source: TicketIQ