It's been a very stressful and scary week for Calgary Flames defenseman Travis Hamonic. 

Last Friday was the last time Hamonic played with his team before his eight month old daughter was hospitalized after she became seriously ill. 

As Hamonic plans to return to the lineup tonight, he's hoping tonight is also the night his daughter finally returns home after a week at the Alberta Children's Hospital. 

“She’s been really sick,” Hamonic explained on Friday. “It’s been a hard week for my wife and I and our entire family. To watch my daughter like that, she’s the strongest person I know. The strength and the perseverance to keep fighting like she has all week, as a Dad it brings tears to your eyes for numerous reasons. To say how proud I am for her to fight through and push through … to see your daughter in that circumstance is a nightmare.”

Hamonic hasn't left the hospital since last weekend, sticking by his daughter's side missing Flames practice and games.

“Everything goes out the window,” Hamonic said. “My wife and I haven’t left her side, we’ve been sitting in the room with her 24/7 and we probably won’t leave her side, even when she’s 50. We play a game for a living and it’s my job and I take my job seriously. But my daughter is the most important focal point in my life"

“The team was super respectful. The guys and the coaches and everyone was so supportive. I basically put one call in and said I was going to be gone until my daughter was better … it’s hard to talk about.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hamonic and his family and hope little Charlie gets released tonight. 

Source: Calgary Sun
Image Credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images