While the NHL playoffs are just under a month away, there's still lots of chatter regarding the offseason moves we might see once the season is done. 

A team that's expected to very busy this offseason is the Pittsburgh Penguins regardless of their playoff results. 

General manager Jim Rutherford isn't shy to pull the trigger on some big moves and he might have something up his sleeve once again. 

We've heard that the Penguins will have to chose between Matt Murray and Tristan Jarry and when all is said and done, Murray is likely to be shipped out of town. 

That's where the Vegas Golden Knights could step in and acquire yet another Penguins' Stanley Cup winning goalie. 

“If Pittsburgh doesn’t want to lose its two-time Stanley Cup-winning goalie for absolutely nothing, the Penguins could once again give the Golden Knights a call. Murray would fit right in, joining a familiar tandem with Fleury, and would give Vegas a more stable goalie situation for the future,”

“There’s no denying, Vegas acquiring Murray to be Fleury’s backup and eventual replacement would be poetic.”

Can't imagine Fleury being too happy about this. 

Source: Jesse Granger The Athletic