The NHL's investigation into the gambling allegations against Evander Kane continue however they've hit a road block. 

AJ Perez of Front Office Sports provided an update on the investigation. 

Perez reports that the investigation has stalled. 

Here's the latest from Perez:

"Outside investigators tapped by the NHL have so far been unable to interview Anna Kane, who alleged in a series of Instagram posts in July that he bet on his own games. An examination of betting trends for Sharks games last season didn’t show any abnormalities.

Anna Kane filed for divorce in July and court documents obtained by Front Office Sports include Evander Kane’s denials that he bet on the NHL. “These allegations are completely false. If these allegations were true, they would destroy my career,” Kane wrote in a filing.

Note: While Evander Kane's lawyers sought an order to keep his estranged wife from posting on social media or talking about him on any public forum, the judge overseeing the case declined to issue it on First Amendment grounds."

With only a couple of weeks before the NHL season starts, it's every interesting to see what moves the NHL will make next.