The NHL got over a big hurdle that nobody thought they could and completed the 2019-20 NHL season and playoffs. 

COVID-19 has stopped the world and while sports came to a stop for a couple of months, all major sports eventually got things back up and running. 

The NHL and NBA both went with some bubble action and were successful in keeping everybody safe. 

With the Stanley Cup handed to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL Draft done along with NHL free agency, now it's time to focus on the 2020-21 season. 

There's been plenty of chatter of what might happen and we now have a better idea. 

According to various sources, the NHL has January 1 circled as the official start date with a possible game on the famous Lake Louise.

There would also be three exhibition games starting around December 26. 

Of course there's still plenty of logistics to figure out with the Canada-USA border still possibly closed by then. 

Source: NHL Rumors Daily