The Stanley Cup Qualifying round is officially underway along with the round robin. 

Some wondered if there would be any intensity to these games with no fans and such a long lay off, but things are definitely building. 

We've seen things get spicy in a couple of the matchups and it got really heated between the Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Wild. 

Late last night as the two were battling, Canucks' forward Michael Ferland got into a fight and then ended up attacking the Wild bench. 

Ferland was skating by the Wild bench when he had his stick grabbed by a Wild player, Ferland made sure to get his stick back and then gave the Wild player a very solid spear in the stomach. 

Lots are calling for a suspension. 

If you leave the bench during a game to fight it can result in a 10 game suspension, what about when you attack people on the bench?

Check out the play below, do you think he should be suspended?