The Dallas Stars beat the Calgary Flames in a thriller last night by a score of 4-3 in overtime on a game winning goal by Tyler Seguin. 

The goal has been deemed a bit controversial as Flames goalie David Rittich felt that he was interfered with as Jamie Benn went through the crease instead of around it and dragged Rittch in the process. 

Referees automatically reviewed the goal and called it a good goal and Rittich absolutely lost it. 

The Flames goalie freaked out, broke his stick on the goal post and threw one half of the broken stick at the referee, Rittich looked like he was going to follow that up by attacking however cooled down. 

You can watch the goal and the freakout below, do you think Rittich had the right to be angry?

Will he be suspended for his actions?

Source: Sportsnet